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23 February 2013 @ 04:58 pm
I had a ridiculously awesome dream last night that I just had to write down. So here it is. Though I must warn you, some things were added or edited to help it make more sense since it wasn't always clear on how we got from one scene to the next, and, because some of the architecture didn't make sense. Also, some of what is said may have only been thought by me, or implied in some dreamlike way, but technically it was all in my mind anyway, so moving on. :)


J, Serg, and I stood in a doorway between a very large room of what seemed to be an old mansion and an oddly small garage, where we had parked our car. The room was nearly pitch black, the only light coming from windows close to the very tall ceiling.

J had an annoyed look on her face.

"What are we even doing here?" she asked, grabbing an unlit torch from the trunk of our car.

"Dungeon-crawling." Serg replied with a grin.

"This isn't a dungeon." J said, pushing the torch towards me. I waved my hand over the end, lighting it.

"I hear there's one hidden downstairs." I muttered.

J's annoyed look disappeared and she grinned, turning back towards the trunk.

"Alright then." She muttered, pulling out a bow and quiver of arrows, a katana-like short sword to wrap around her waist, several fiendish-looking daggers for her legs, and a wristguard with a knife that she strapped onto her left forearm.

"Let's do it."

"Ahem." Sergio coughed.

"Oh yeah, " Jess laughed mockingly, grabbing the long sword and riffle out of the back of the car and handing them to him. "Here you go."

She handed the torch to me.

"Where to?" Serg asked. I pointed off to the left.

We followed the wall for a while before coming to a gate that blocked us off from a stone staircase leading down. We searched for a few brief moments for a lever or button that would open it but found none.

"It could be anywhere." Sergio muttered.

"Nevermind," I said, "I'll take care of it."

I raised my right hand, palm towards me, and thought of fire. Turning my hand towards the gate, a tight, blowtorch-like flame lit. It took a few minutes, but soon the pathway was open.

The room we found ourselves in seemed impossibly larger than the one before. The walls, floor, and ceiling were made of stone. There were aisles and aisles of shelves that were stocked with countless weapons and armor. And the walls were lined with torches, though none were lit.

We walked as quietly as we could, our backs to the wall as we looked carefully down each aisle that we passed. They were mostly empty, devoid of life anyway.

After five or so aisles and still nothing I began to think I was wrong about what I'd heard of the place. Then, up ahead of us, we saw a faint blue light. It was high in the air, flying in an odd and erratic pattern and heading toward us.

I thought it might be a fairy. But as it grew closer, I doubted it. It moved very quickly then and was within feet of us in seconds. The air turned hot around us, the blue ball of light was just that - a ball of light.

"Whisp." I muttered. It moved to within inches of my face. Its heat was intense and it's light blinding. I felt like it was watching me.

It did the same to Serg and J then soared back into the air, its pattern more erratic than before. I somehow knew that it was angry.

Several more blue lights appeared in the distance.

"Kill them!" I said. It was sounding an alarm.

J took to her bow and Serg to his riffle. Again I raised my palm before me, thinking briefly of the ice shards I wished to use. Together we killed nearly a dozen before they got near enough to touch. By that time there were only a few left.

Serg swung his rifle around to his back and pulled out his sword instead. Jess had her daggers, and I switched to a broader frost spell.

We focused on one each. Mine was quick, moving in to try and attack me before flying wildly away and diving in again. I was able to avoid it or fend it off easily, but after a few tries it abruptly changed its pattern, catching and badly singeing my arm. Before it could fly off again, I covered my hands in thick ice and grabbed it. It seemed to wail as it struggled to get out of my grasp and failed. It was only roughly the size of my palm and took mere seconds to freeze through.

Once I was sure it was dead, I put it in my satchel. It would be an interesting study, and perhaps a good alchemical ingredient.

"You OK?" J asked, looking at my arm. It still burned, but it didn't seem too bad. Taking my left hand, I placed it over my wound. It began to turn blue as I let it ice the burn.

"That'll do for now." I said.

We continued on like that for a while, even more alert than before. It was another five or so aisles when I heard a noise. Creaking. And breathing. The aisle we stood before was dark, too dark to see down. I held out the torch, but it wasn't very helpful. Soon thereafter we heard, and felt, footsteps.

Noticing a torch mounted further down between shelves, I raised my hand and lit it. With the new light, I could see what it was. An odd looking creature; a troll or an ogre. Its arms and legs resembled those of an elephant, thick with tough, bumpy skin. It wore a robe and hat that suggested it could wield magic. I had a bad feeling.

I quickly dropped the torch I had been holding, needing my left hand. Raising it before my face and clenching it into a fist, I summoned an elemental barrier around us. Several seconds later, the crack of lightning hit it. Looking back at the creature, I could see the remnants of its attack winding itself around its hands and could hear faint crackling of the charge that remained.

"Uh, guys." Serg said, grabbing my attention. He motioned ahead of him; he was facing the direction we had been walking. Peaking around him I saw the source of the creaking I had forgotten about. It was a skeleton. There was more movement behind it. Two, three others followed, each with sword and shield in hand - headed for us.

"Lovely." J muttered.

I watched as Sergio ran ahead, his own sword brandished.

"Go with him." I said to J. She glanced at the ogre that was moving steadily towards us and I assured her I'd be fine.

When she was gone, I concentrated on the creature. The shield was still in place, thankfully, as another volley of lightning hit it. Again I thought of fire, though larger and more destructive than before. With my hands outstretched, I let loose several volleys of fireballs.

When they struck, the creature grunted and staggered, his body flashing red before he continued heading towards me. Again I attacked; again he grunted and staggered before flashing red. A third and fourth time as well.

"Shit." I muttered. He was close to the aisle now.

I brought down the now badly damaged barrier and moved further down the aisle, towards Serg and Jess, before restoring it. The creature was all but untouched. If it weren't for the singeing of his thick hide, you wouldn't know I'd hit him at all. I needed another plan. I needed something that would penetrate his thick skin. Thick and tough as steel.

I tried again, this time with a variation of the blowtorch I had used earlier, just smaller and more refined.

When it hit him, he staggered back, but the blast didn't dissipate. It was still there, pushing and, I imagined, burning its way into the creature's body. The ogre stopped walking, instead falling to its knees before it bore cleanly through and the creature keeled over.

I turned back to Serg and J who were dispatching the last skeleton.

We ran into two more troll-like creatures and half a dozen more skeletons before we made it to the end of the corridor where we found another gate.

Once we made it through, we found ourselves in the middle of a short hallway. But we weren't alone. To our right there were several dog-sized spiders and to our left, three undead men. It didn't take long to dispatch of the spiders between the three of us as we quickly decided heading in that direction to be the best course of action.

Once they were dead we turned towards the undead - or maybe they were possessed - men that came towards us. One was an archer, who began to draw his bow, the second carried a sword, and the third glowed with magic.

"Convenient." J muttered.

I began to think they were figments of our imagination, mimicking us somehow. The thought was short lived as an arrow sailed past my head.

The warrior ran towards us, forcing Sergio to do the same. The archer and mage stayed back. J did the same as I moved a bit closer, trying to cover us all from their ranged attacks.

It didn't take long for the warrior to fall and soon after the mage died with him. It was the archer that proved to be tricky. We closed in on him, but he found some cover behind some columns. Jess maneuvered her way into a better position while Serg and I covered her.

From a concealed position she drew her bow, hitting the archer in the arm as he prepared for another shot. Wounded, he bolted from the room, through a door we hadn't seen before.

We followed quickly. The corridor was narrow but evenly lit. Turning a corner at the far end of it, we came upon another room.

J gasped. This one was far larger than the others. The walls had turned rough and cavernous, the floor we stood on was now dirt, and was bordered by a railing. On the other side of it was nothing but a vast emptiness. Pitch black nothing. If something were to fall into it, I doubted it would ever reach the bottom.

I tried to ignore the thought and instead focused on spotting the archer.

"There." I pointed. Up ahead the narrow floor we stood on pushed out into the emptiness. Into an island of sorts. There was no railing; but there, in its center, was the archer. He was standing in front of a large mass of swirling blue energy. He jumped into it and was gone. It was a portal.

We walked to the island, fascinated. I looked back at Serg and J.

"Ready?" I asked. They just grinned and nodded.
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I got a little bored today, so I decided to draw a little version of my sister. :F
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09 January 2013 @ 03:25 pm

I talk so seldom that on days that I do talk an abnormal amount, my throat actually hurts. *sigh*

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13 December 2012 @ 05:33 pm

Welp, I’ve spent some more time on this. It’s still far from perfect and I’m still not happy with a few things, but I've improved it from the last version.
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06 December 2012 @ 06:27 pm

Welp, I've had this sitting on my computer for a while. I hope to finish it soon but am kind of stuck at the moment on how to move forward with it. I'll just leave this here and hope it reminds me to work on it. :F
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04 December 2012 @ 11:30 am

La Forge: You’re just shy, Barclay.

Barclay: Just shy…
                         sounds like nothing serious, doesn’t it?

                         You can’t know.

(Star Trek: TNG - Hallow Pursuits - Season 3, Episode Twenty-one)

This scene is one of the saddest of the series for me. I love Barclay and understand what it’s like to have social issues that can’t easily be dismissed or remedied. I tear up every time I see this episode.

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03 December 2012 @ 06:50 pm

Today I spent 30 minutes watching a spider and fly chase each other on the ceiling. The spider would crawl toward the fly who would then fly away from the spider before moving back toward it again. It was confusing at first. Why didn’t the fly just move away to somewhere safe? Like the other side of the room or out through the window. Why didn’t the spider just grab it? It had plenty of opportunity. It was as if they were fighting their own basic instincts; the spider to hunt and the fly to flee. They wanted to be near one another but couldn’t quite come to trust each other or themselves.

And then it dawned on me. I was watching a tragic love story, playing out on the ceiling above me. I watched them as they danced around one another, longing for each other’s embrace while simultaneously fearing it. Would their love for one another win out? Or were their natural instincts too strong? Only time would tell. For five, ten minutes they continued, my heart sinking at their obvious longing. The fly grew bolder then, moving closer and not moving away so quickly as the spider came near. They touched one another and stood still, neither moving for a long while. I was hopeful then; they could be together.

A split second later proved me wrong as the spider struck. The fly was dead. It had been a tragedy after all. Had their love been genuine and the spider merely unable to suppress its natural instincts? Or had the whole a fair been a ruse after all, designed to earn a wary trust from its prey? I guess we’ll never know.

Yes, this is how I entertain myself.

16 November 2012 @ 06:46 pm
The other day I went for a walk past a field that will soon be developed on. I walked past these beautiful orange flowers and my first impulse was that I should pick them to see what kind of potions or poisons I could make with them…
laser rifle in hand and minding my own business when a swarm of super mutants came running at me from every side. They mostly ran past me and made their way through and around the buildings, killing everyone they could. I couldn’t find either of my companions, Boone or EDI, but I did run into my sister, who was carrying one of the .308 sniper rifles and recommended we find high ground. We were able to get on top of one of the buildings and while I kept the super mutants from following us up, my sis took out the ones bellow.
05 September 2012 @ 06:48 pm

Last night I dreamt I was (or just looked like) Lance Henriksen and someone who looked exactly like me killed my wife and framed me for it. I had to go on the run from police in order to try and prove my innocence. I flew over homes and tree tops, as far as I could go, until finally coming to rest in a field with a large tree in its center. I found an almost-gryffin (it had the head of a horse) waiting at its
base. I told it of my plight and it seemed to take pity on me. It told me the answers I was seeking would be found in the Museum of Numbers and pointed me in the right direction. When I arrived to the large building, I could easily see where it got its name; standing all around it were numbers, about as tall as myself, dancing and singing songs I couldn’t understand.

Tonight I hope to continue that adventure so that I may find the truth and avenge my murdered wife.